Tuesday, October 29, 2013

...on leaving cottonwood cottage Fall 2013

some thoughts on my last night of 2013 at cottonwood cottage.................will i remember everything? it is so nice and warm and cozy and safe in here. and i am comfortable. gee my shirt is disgustingly filthy. and then i am thinking what a nice home i have made for myself here. it is part of me and alive even though it is an inanimate object. a house. but a home is not inanimate. oh no. so i put everything to bed, the garden, the hot tub, pee wees playhouse. i pay them all my respect for the role they play in my life and the joy they bring my way. goodnight elk, bugling in the distance. bye bye coyotes and owl. goodbye chipmunks, have fun running all throughout my yard and home this winter. i will leave the two little cabbages for whatever may come along and want to eat them. seeds of all my flowers, go forth and find new homes. i will pray my roof does its little roof job and that the tarps protect my little scotty trailer and the kayaks that make part of my income. thank you kayaks. goodnight shed and barn and other shed and lucille. be well, rest and do not carry too heavy a load this winter. trees, lose your leaves and stand strong. i love you one and all. xo, siscily

Summer. Again.

Summer has returned. Or I have returned to summer. Whichever, it is my first full day at the Bouse house and I am re-learning where things are, re-assembling my studio, dusting off the layer of sand coating everything and adjusting to HEAT. It's a good thing my horse trough/soaking pool is filled; Paul has already been using it for his daily cool-downs. It is 11:00 am and I have already been driven indoors where a very slight breeze comes in from the side of the house which does not get sun. Buddy cat is sleeping on his piece of fuzzy hide where he will be spending 99% of his time I am sure. So, I will continue to work at getting things up to snuff for the next several days, then it is off to Lake Havasu City for the 2013 Paddle Festival.....a nice time of year to be on the water down in these parts.

Stuff of the Road

Along the way, you meet all sorts of people. Sometimes, for days, you meet no one. Or at least you do not CONNECT with anyone. And then, all of a sudden you meet people who know so and so, who are actually friends of yours....or such and such who are GOOD friends of yours. And you go on and realize you share values and dreams. It is nice. These connections. You have a meal together or loan them your kayak, give some advice or better yet, spend some time hanging over a map, sharing where you have been or where they are going and where you've camped, taken a hike, shot some great photos, bought a superb loaf of bread. This is truly the Stuff of the Road.

The funny looking full-ish moon has risen. And so have I. Goodnight.

Drifting Nuances


There are many people living "out here." "Out here" being, living as full time RV'ers. Many have big, luxury accomodations with all the comforts of a house on a foundation. Many do not. There are many nuances to this 'simple' life. I will tell you of a few that I am privy to. Window insulation: our ever-changing backyards have some of the most incredible scenery one can image. Sometimes we can situate ourselves so that our windows give us a million dollar view. I like to keep this in mind as a park my home so that during my indoor time i can be astounded each time I look out. My last two nights are prime examples. I was in the Bisti Badlands area of Navajo country but did not want to drive the washboard road the full nine miles back into the offficial wilderness. i found a county road and took it for a mile or so, found a nice big pull-off on top a rise and had a 360 of bizarre colors, textures and forms. Had a nice two hour walk-a-bout and found a formation that I named Ice Cream Cone. I bet I am about the 489th person to give it that original name. The night gave me a full moon. The following night I pulled into Red Rock Park, which used to be a NM State Park but is now run by the city of Gallup. It was situated up against the monster red rock mounds that form Gallup's backdrop. There are two particularly prominent formations within the reds know as Church Rock and Pyramid Rock. I was able to gaze at Church Rock from the Casita, watching it change in the fading/renewing light of the evening and following morning. There were lots of other fine things happening on the rocks throughout my stay. I had one of the best-ever type hikes as well, hiking up through one canyon, under Church and across, up and over to the next canyon, where I got to look at the finery of Pyramid. Well, I have been drifting............but that is something I do.

On the Road, Bouse to Chama, Spring 2013

........And so some time has passed by.  I left Bartlett Lake where I had spent some enjoyable time and drove thru the megalopolis, stopping at a BIG Goodwill store (disappointing) and went to a Walmart to have an oil change.  Wanted to give buddy some 'out' of the vehicle time and before ya know it, he disappered somewhere in the auto-care area of walmart in gilbert az.. his worried me but not too much.  t looked as though he went down a gutter where it was cool and I could not get to him.  I unhitched the casita from the truck and made the truck ready for the folks to tend to it.  I shopped in walmart for a few things. came back out and looked for the bud. no luck.  I think the total time lapse in the parking lot was 3-4 hours.  I was inside the casita starting a jigsaw puzzle (hoping IT would keep me from panic-king) when the bud meowed on into the casita as if saying "so why are we hanging out in a walmart parking lot?" Ah yes, the most precious angel of god, my faithful travel companion! We then proceeded to Apache Junction where I spent the day and next morning visiting with Chama neighbors, Nancy and Pete. A delightful visit with a nice morning of aerobics in their park swimming pool. Onward on tuesday up into Globe where I visited the streets a bit looking for secondhand finds or whatever. Rather dissappointing. and sad to see the little towns of Superior and Globe with their cool old buildings and downtowns, falling into dust. oh well. proceeded east through the Apache reservation of rather uninteresting terrain stopping to get some baked chicken pieces at a Bashas and then heading downward and east into Thatcher/Safford and whatever those places may bring. It did not feel like much of a winner of a day, with no second-hand store finds, terrain that did not do much for my soul, bad cellular connection with Debi and later with Alison and then nothing much jumpin out at me for a place to land for the night. Made it into Safford and found the library but was told the wifi connections had been 'flakey' and they were. Was not able to download any recorded books. Buddy was not enjoying his day of confinement to the vehicles. I was hot and sticky and tired. i had spilled both a bowl of Bud-food and a bowl of salad on the Casita floor during the day and I still did not know where we were going to sleep. Decided to find my way to the Gila Box Natl Riparian Area which I had researched on the internet before leaving Bouse. Made a wrong turn and put on about 12 mistaken miles. Then got righted and finished the day after about 15 more miles of lumpy roadage with the last three being WASHBOARD! BUT did end up at the Gila Box with enough light to see the riparian area below me and sihloettes of birds as well as all sorts of wonderful night sounds. And I had cell service. Buddy and I had a happy night at Gila Box entry.

I wanted to stay in Gila Box BUT realized i would have to travel about five more miles on washboard to get to the camp. My limit on washboard is 3 miles. It just really RATTLES my nerves as well as everything else.

There isn't much shade in Safford. The second hand store is good in that it is NOT a chain and has second-hand store prices. It was fun exploring it while I left buddy in the casita with the only shade I could find in the vicinty.  Got some shorts and a Fresh Produce dress for 4-something. Then gassed up and headed east, up the hill and out of town. Up UP UP we went traveling at about 40 miles an hour.  Stopped about 2:30 in a small forest campground where I identified a cenicio (flower) and something else. Used a bit of water to wash the Casita bumpers and hitch as well as the bases of my truck racks, then I put on a coat of rust-o-leum black to spiff things up. Buddy was happy to not be driving along all day. Had a yum yum meal of spaghetti and all in all enjoyed the evening. Morning-move on time found me arriving in NM within ten minutes and cruising slowly along through peacefully scenic country as I ascended into the valley where  will find Silver City eventually. Do not think i put on fifity miles today. Took a side road up to a small lake that presented itself on my map. Could have camped there but it was REALLY windy and a fishing lake which meant it was rather trashy. So just looked it over, tucked it in my mind for future reference and headed back toward the highway to a small camp I had seen on the way into the lake. Situtated myself beneath a big old cottonwood and a big old sycamore and have spent the day ..............thinking, walking, birding: vermillion flycatcher, zone tailed hawk, titmouse, yellow rumped warblers and a flycather i do not know which sort. Also found a MARVY bright crimson penstemon along the roadside. Tried a bit of aerobic exercise as well and re-started the jigsaw puzzle that i had started when i was waiting for Buddy to return during my Wal-mart oil change.. So, i now have a jigsaw in progress and have no idea how i am going to deal with it when i hit the pavement in the morning. I am sure a solution will present itself. I have been thinking today of different friends and wishing they could sometimes be with me on my wanderings. They would make good company.  It can be lonely at times and for a person like me, who tends toward loneliness and wants to be engaged most of the time, companionship is missed. I sure do like seeing sycamore trees. The sycamore has been in my life for a long time, having climbed in and played under many as a child. My brother and i used to like the pom-poms they produced. It is a beautiful tree....the giraffe bark is so lovely. The smoothness of the bark makes me want to hug it hard. The funny nub formations are a wonderment. The one under which i am camped is REALLY big and old and i want to climb in it but i cannot even find a way to get up into the first branching avenue. I tried to do some photography of it but could find NO way to do justice to it....it has done everything possible to present beauty and i cannot possibly do anything more for it. So i will just leave it be and look at it in the changing light. Writing from the banks of the Gila River in southwestern New Mexico. goodnight.

I Have Some Friends

I Have Some Friends

I have some friends that are neither plant nor animal. They are not alive, but they are my daily companions, they are important to me and bring me stimulation and joy. They are my electronics. my netbook/computer and my tablet. my tablet allows me to download and listen to Recorded Books. of course, a recorded book has to be read by some human and so his or her voice becomes familiar as the story is read. The voice itself is of comfort; a human voice. The story, in most instances is engaging and provokes thought. So, the whole experience adds joy to my day. The netbook, allows me to 'talk' to people; even if i may not be able to post my ramblings, i do have the outlet of writting them down for future postings. So it is like having a friend with which to share. And a repository in which to record thoughts or daily accounts that I believe others my enjoy recieving. So, there we go.